illustration of Ebenezer Scrooge in silhouette walking toward a Christmas tree and followed by the three ghosts

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

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Topics for Further Study

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  • Write a synopsis for an updated version of A Christmas Carol, using people who are in the news or who are famous in your community.
  • Try to find out about music that would have been popular at the time of the novel. In particular, try to get a copy of "Sir Roger de Coverley," which Fezziwig dances to. Pick a popular song that you think is like the old music, and explain the relationship between the two songs.
  • Research the significance of Christmas to charitable organizations, explaining how much their income from donations increases during December and what they do to prepare for it.
  • Write a short story about Tiny Tim as a grownup, explaining how the crippling disease he had as a child was cured because of his father's rich benevolent employer.
  • Examine the traditional use of ghosts in Victorian writing, and write a paper explaining how their use here is common or uncommon.

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