illustration of Ebenezer Scrooge in silhouette walking toward a Christmas tree and followed by the three ghosts

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

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How does Dickens develop the relationship between Scrooge and other characters?

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I think that Dickens is able to develop the relationship between Scrooge and the other characters through the power of transformation.  It is through Scrooge's emotional transformation and change where the change in relationships become evident.  In meeting the man who asked for charity money before his transformation and afterwards, the relationship is enhanced because Scrooge is able to give the man money and then promise more to him.  When Bob Cratchit arrives late to work and Scrooge is "his old self," the power of the relationship is enhanced because of Scrooge's change.  His transformation is where there is greater connection.  The same happens with Scrooge's entire relationship with the world at Christmas time.  For Scrooge, the transformation that he undergoes is what enables him to have a greater connection with the world.  The relationship he has with the world is enhanced and developed because of his transformation.  The stark and cold vision of what Scrooges is before his Christmas Eve visit and who he is on the morning of Christmas is what enables the relationship between Scrooge and the world to grow and advance.  This transformation helps to bring out how change is not only possible but can help to revivify relationships initially perceived as broken or dead.

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