Christine Brooke-Rose

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Principal Works

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Gold (poetry) 1955

The Languages of Love (novel) 1957

A Grammar of Metaphor (criticism) 1958

The Sycamore Tree (novel) 1958

The Dear Deceit (novel) 1960

The Middlemen: A Satire (novel) 1961

Out (novel) 1964

Such (novel) 1965

Between (novel) 1968

Go When You See the Green Man Walking (short stories) 1970

A ZBC of Ezra Pound (criticism) 1971

Thru (novel) 1975

A Structural Analysis of Pound's Usura Canto: Jakobson's Method Extended and Applied to Free Verse (criticism) 1976

A Rhetoric of the Unreal: Studies in Narrative and Structure, Especially of the Fantastic (criticism) 1981

Amalgamemnon (novel) 1984

*The Christine Brooke-Rose Omnibus: Four Novels (novels) 1986

Xorandor (novel) 1986

Verbivore (novel) 1990

Stories, Theories, and Things (essays) 1991

Textermination (novel) 1991

Interpretation and Overinterpretation [with Umberto Eco, Richard Rorty, and Jonathan Culler; edited by Stefan Collini] (essays and criticism) 1992

Remake (memoir) 1996

Next (novel) 1998

Subscript (novel) 1999

Invisible Author: Last Essays (essays) 2002

*Includes Out, Such, Between, and Thru.

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