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How does the church influence Christian life and ministry?

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The church influences Christian life and ministry by setting the broad parameters of what is acceptable in relation to doctrine.

Individual Christian believers—and certainly Christian ministers—need to operate within certain doctrinal limits. And the relevant church, whichever church that happens to be, sets down those standards. If a church is to mean anything, it must be a genuine community of believers, all of who must show dedication to the same set of principles.

If this is not the case, then it is almost certain that the church in question will become riven with dissent and split apart. This is what happened to the Western church during the Reformation.

Some churches are more tightly disciplined than others when it comes to enforcing doctrine on their members, but there always has to be some kind of discipline in place for when members, as they inevitably will, depart from the doctrinal path.

Ministers play a very important role in this regard. Not only that, but their ministries must clearly and irrevocably show the unmistakable influence of the church. For it is ultimately from the church as a godly congregation that ministers derive their authority. In other words, without a church, there can be no ministry to speak of.

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