(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

The Marquis de Montauran

The Marquis de Montauran (mohn-toh-RAN), fiery leader of the Chouans, rebels against the French Republic. His nickname is Gars, and he is the son of Mme du Gua. He loves Marie de Verneuil, although he is warned that she is a spy. He goes to her home to marry her after she herself has told him that she has been hired to betray him. the morning after the marriage, he is shot and captured; later, he dies in prison, after he tries to escape from her house in Fougéres.

Marie de Verneuil

Marie de Verneuil (vehr-nyew-YUH), in love with Montauran. She is the natural daughter of the duke de Verneuil and the former wife of Danton. When Montauran’s jealous mother tries to shoot her, Marie seeks revenge, but her love eventually conquers her hate. She marries Montauran hoping they can escape from intrigues and leave France. Her plans fail, and she is shot wearing her husband’s uniform while acting as a decoy to help him escape.


Hulot (ew-LOH), an officer in the French Republican Army, sent to put down the rebellious Chouans, an aggregation of aristocrats, smugglers, and Breton peasants. He is utterly disgusted by the capture and death of Montauran and Marie de Verneuil.

Mme du Gua Saint-Cyr

Mme du Gua Saint-Cyr (gwa sahn-SEHR), jealous mother of Montauran. She knows of her son’s rebellious activities and supports him in them. When she discovers Marie’s love for her son, she tries to shoot Marie.


Corentin (koh-rahn-TAN), a spy for the French Republic. It is he who employs Marie as a lure to trap Montauran and bring the Chouan leader to his death.


Francine (frahn-SEEN), former sweetheart of Marche-à-Terre. She is Marie’s maid.


Marche-à-Terre (mahr-shah-TEHR), one of the rebellious Chouans. A fierce and rapacious villain, he leads the rebels in forays of thievery and violence.


Galpe-Chopine (galp-shoh-PEEN), a peasant who helps Marie in many ways.


Barbette, the wife of Galpe-Chopine.