The Chocolate War Topics for Further Study
by Robert Cormier

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Topics for Further Study

(Novels for Students)

Pretend that you are Brian Cochran, treasurer for the chocolate sale. Design an accounts sheet on which you would be able to record the progress of the sale. Complete it according to the information given in the novel.

Make a list of all the scenes that take place outside the school, and analyze the importance of each one.

Illustrate the varying types of physical and psychological bullying explored in the novel, with specific reference to Archie Costello, John Carter, Emile Janza, and Brother Leon.

You are a film director preparing to shoot the scene in which Bailey is accused of cheating. Plan very carefully how you intend to use the camera at each stage of the scene, and what you intend each shot to convey to the audience.

Cormier worked for many years as a newspaper journalist. Imagine that, following complaints from Jerry's father, you have been sent to investigate recent events at the school. Whom will you interview? What do you imagine will be their responses to your questions?