The Chocolate War

by Robert Cormier

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In The Chocolate War, what are others' opinions of Archie Costello and his appearance?

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Archie's introduced in Chapter 2 as the cynic who is convinced that people are weak and self-centered. He enjoys manipulating people every chance he gets. He comes up with assignments to show how powerful the Vigils are in controlling the students at school. Archie acts as the communication between the students and the adults at school. He and Brother Leon may not care for each other, but they need each other to maintain control.

Jerry is the only student to have the courage to stand up to Archie and the Vigils. Everyone else views Archie in one of three ways. The guys in his gang, such as Carter and Obie, carry out his orders and are indifferent to the evil things they do. Then you have the group that is indifferent to what Archie and the Vigils do. As long as they are left alone, they can't be bothered with taking a stand against the Vigils. Then you have those who represent the weakest in theschool, those who hate the Vigils, but they can never get enough courage to stand up to them.Roland is one of this group who is given his first assignment to loosen the screws in all the furniture.

Overall, Archie controls the school with Brother Leon. Almost everyone is afraid of Archie in one way or another. Jerry is the only one willing to test his authority.

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