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Chita, a child rescued from the sea during a storm off the Louisiana coast. She is so young that all she can tell her rescuers on Last Island is that her real name is Lili, her Creole name is Zouzoune, and her mother and father are named Adele and Julien. Called by her new friends Chita, the little girl grows up on the island without knowing any more of her earlier existence.

Dr. Julien La Brierre

Dr. Julien La Brierre, a physician from New Orleans who comes to see a patient on Last Island. He falls ill himself, and in his delirium he is reminded of his dead wife by Chita’s startling resemblance to the drowned woman. He dies without realizing that the girl is really his daughter.

Feliu Viosca

Feliu Viosca, a fisherman who lives on Last Island. He rescues Chita from the sea and takes her into his home.

Carmen Viosca

Carmen Viosca, the fisherman’s wife. She treats the foundling from the sea as though she were her own child.


Laroussel, a Creole who was Dr. La Brierre’s rival for his dead wife’s hand years before. At one time the doctor and Laroussel fought a duel over Adele, who became the doctor’s wife. He questions Chita on Viosca’s island and gives her a trinket, but he does not discover that she is Dr. La Brierre’s child.

Captain Harris

Captain Harris, a sea captain who checks for survivors after the storm. He decides it is best for Chita to remain with the fisherman and his wife, who have given the girl a home.

Captain Abraham Smith

Captain Abraham Smith, a sea captain who tries to rescue as many people as he can from the hurricane.

Mr. Edwards

Mr. Edwards, the patient whose illness summons Dr. La Brierre to Last Island.

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