Book 2, Chapter 27


The group has set out again and Theo is currently driving through the darkness. Most of the group has fallen asleep, and Theo reflects that the Warden might consider their group too insignificant to be worth hunting. For the first time, Theo feels a glimmer of hope that maybe their journey does not have to be so perilous after all. Suddenly, he is forced to slam on the brakes to prevent them from hitting a tree that has fallen across the road. In terror, he realizes that there have been no recent strong winds that could have knocked the tree down so conveniently across the road. Immediately, a group of savage Omegas descends upon the car. Theo tries to reverse, but the Omegas have obstructed the road behind the car. Trapped, the group watches the Omegas as they begin to ritually dance around the car. Theo notices that the Omegas have painted faces and (confirming a rumor Theo once heard) carry large clubs adorned with the plaited hair of their victims. Theo, knowing the Omegas cannot be reasoned with, remembers one of their former victims telling him that they like to kill one sacrificial person out of a group but are sometimes satisfied with just destroying a car. Theo quickly reasons that the group must abandon the car and notes that there is a decaying stone wall nearby. Knowing that outright running would only provoke the Omegas into a chase, Theo hopes that Julian and Rolf can make it to the wall and use the darkness to conceal themselves if the rest of the group covers for them. Theo suggests that they all distract the Omegas by joining their ritualistic dance. Rolf suggests that they show them that Julian is pregnant, but she refuses. In a panic, Rolf refuses to leave, but when the Omegas begin breaking into the car, he has no choice. Taking Theo’s advice, the five of them join the dance. After a...

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