Book 2, Chapter 21


Theo is interrupted before dinner by a knock on the door. It is Miriam, who informs him that Gascoigne has been captured and the group is now on the run. Julian has requested Theo’s help but is unable to come herself. Both Miriam and Theo know that Gascoigne will easily break when interrogated, meaning that speed is crucial. Theo abandons his dinner and pockets his diary before leading Miriam to his car. He knows that the SSP will eventually track him, and while they cannot stop him from seeing the Warden, they can prevent him from seeing Julian. In the car, Miriam explains that Gascoigne was caught as he was acting alone, planting explosives to prevent a future Quietus. Theo demands that she give him more information about the group members since they want his help. Miriam reveals that Gascoigne is a lorry-driver (which is how they distributed the pamphlets) and Rolf is an engineer. Though Theo already knew that Luke was a priest, Miriam reveals that he practices the old Christianity of the 1990s, which is why he has no parish. When Theo remarks on the group’s lack of organization, Miriam retorts that the group would not have survived this long if they were as stupid as Theo claims. Theo tells her that the only reason they have been allowed to continue this long is because they are useful to the Warden, who is painting them as a dangerous group of radicals to bolster his own power.

Theo notices that Miriam appears nervous, and she eventually reveals that she has something to tell him that she knows he will not believe: Julian is pregnant. Theo immediately feels simultaneous...

(The entire section is 1147 words.)