Book 1, Chapter 14


Theo returns to the museum to meet with Julian as planned. He warns her that his visit did no good and may have even hurt their cause. He hypothesizes that the Warden may eventually get rid of the porn centers and semen testing—but only because they are an unnecessary drain on resources. He tells Julian that Xan will probably just organize the Quietus better rather than abolishing it and that Xan would never get rid of the penal colony, as it is one of the most popular policies he has implemented as Warden. When Julian responds that the group will now have to take action, Theo exasperatedly tries to explain that there is nothing they, as such a small group, can do. Julian speculates that a small group of people might be able to travel to the penal colony and restore order through love. With contempt, Theo tells her that such an idiotic venture could only be motivated by a desire for martyrdom—which, given the Omega, will not even be remembered—or a desire for the power that would come from ruling the penal colony.

Softening, Theo tells Julian that it is best to forget these revolutionary ideas as, within decades, the last of civilization will be dying off anyway. She does not listen, prompting Theo to voice his opinion that the group is completely ill-equipped to confront the government. He points out that they do not even have a coherent rationale for revolting: Miriam wants revenge for her brother, Gascoigne is mad about the appropriation of the Grenadiers, Luke appears to have some vague religious objections, Rolf merely wants power, and Julian is only going along with the scheme because she is married to Rolf. Theo urges her to leave Rolf and the rest of the group and be free. She merely thanks him for going to the...

(The entire section is 509 words.)