Children of the Fox Ideas for Reports and Papers
by Jill Paton Walsh

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

(Beacham's Guide to Literature for Young Adults)

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1. Describe the attitudes toward women and their roles in society portrayed by Myro, Phryne, Lysia, Aster, and Lala.

2. Describe the attitudes toward war portrayed by Nikias, Aster, Demeas, Perdiccas, and Themistokles.

3. As Demeas runs on the road to Sparta with his message for Themistokles, he thinks about Pheidippides, who also ran this way. Find out who Pheidippides was and the circumstances of his run.

4. Find out what happened to Themistokles after the end of Lala's story. How do you think he would have answered Lala's question: "How can it be that men love Athens? What kind of a city can it be? Themistokles, I am sure, must hate it now."

5. Read Paton Walsh's Farewell Great King and look for the places in the story where the events depicted in Children of the Fox occur. Where does the author add her young heroes? Are the roles they play probable? Does the device of telling the events through the words of a young hero make the motivations of Themistokles and the other real historical figures more understandable?

6. Read Paton Walsh's article "History Is Fiction" in Horn Book (February 1972). Describe how Children of the Fox fits her description of a historical novel. What does she mean by a "costume novel"? What books have you read that have a setting in the past but are not historical novels as Paton Walsh defines them?