Chapter 9 Summary

Karellen asks Rashaverak about Rupert Boyce. They do not speak in English but rather in a series of rapid sounds like high-speed Morse code. They stare out at the Grand Canyon as they "talk." Karellen wonders if humans will still take the trouble to travel down in the primitive fashion on donkeys, which is uncomfortable and hazardous. Rashaverak describes Rupert as a supervisor of animal welfare. The Overlords gave him the full projection device so that he can get the animals used to seeing him before he appears before them in person. Rashaverak speculates that he will still probably be attacked and killed by his patients eventually. This was also to make him more cooperative, so that Rashaverak might examine his library. He tells Karellen that most of his research has led to disputed research, but there have been genuine cases of psychic phenomena. He does not know why Jean Morrel fainted, or why she is the channel that has obviously been chosen. She is only twenty-six, so she is too old to be a Prime Contact. There are not many more years to wait, Rashaverak tells Karellen, and advises that Jean be transferred to Category Purple. She may be the most important human being alive. Karellen asks about Jan. Rashaverak says that they should make some checks about him soon, since his career should be interesting. Karellen encourages evaluation of both Jean and Jan.

After the party, Rupert is unsure what actually happened, as he is still influenced by alcohol. He feels that Jan is probably to blame for asking the question, but he is not sure exactly how it is his responsibility. Ruth’s notebook containing the messages from the Ouija board has disappeared. Rupert assumes it was taken by Rashaverak.

George is worried about Jean. He hovers over her as she recovers, but she assures him that she is fine. She says that she does not remember anything. She had heard Jan ask his question, but the next thing she knew was that people were hovering over her. They decide to sign a marriage commitment contract for ten years.

Jan travels to London for International Astronomical Union conference. London is less populated now, but it still looks essentially the same. Jan investigates the significance of the star the Ouija board had revealed: NGS 549672. It is an insignificant star in the constellation Carina. He knows that, despite its insignificance, it must be the home of the Overlords. Jan knows how far it is from Earth, but that is all. Still, he smiles, knowing that he is the only man on Earth who knows the origin of the Overlords.