Chapter 6 Summary

Karellen had told Stormgren that all political problems could be solved by the correct use of power. Stormgren thinks this is cynical, but the Overlord repeats that it is the "CORRECT" use of power. For example, any dictator, such as Hitler, could be neutralized by having a voice saying things in his ear constantly, or a single note playing so as to prevent him from sleeping. It would swiftly drive the madman literally insane and thus prevent him for controlling anyone else.

The shock of people’s first sight of the Satanic aliens eventually fades. It is assumed that, far in the ancient past, human beings had an encounter with the Overlords that thus imprinted this vision in their minds, creating a racial memory. Now that they have shown themselves, the Overlords rarely leave their ship, never appearing in a group larger than five. It is not known how many aliens live in the spaceship, but it could be hundreds or thousands.

Life on Earth has become a virtual utopia. War has disappeared, soon to be out of living memory. Cities are transformed as factories are run by robots. No one works except for luxuries, since everyone is given food and water. Everyone speaks the same language (English), everyone is educated, and everyone is within easy access of television. Crimes of passion are rare, since no one needs to steal what is already available for free. Life is more leisurely, but no one is bored as yet. Education is continual, with people going back to school to learn more about whatever interests them. With the invention of a reliable oral contraceptive and the ability to determine the father of any baby, the sexual mores change and are more relaxed. Transportation is easy and readily available, especially through air cars. Religion fades away as a device that allows people to look back at any moment in the past five thousand years of Earth’s history destroys the divine foundations of all faiths; a purified Buddhism is all that remains. With the decline of religion, oddly, science also fades, as no one has a curiosity to discover things that they assume the Overlords already know. There is no new art, as people have the leisure time to enjoy the creative works of the past. Though people appreciate what the Overlords have accomplished during their time on Earth, no one knows what the ultimate goal of the aliens is. There are still a few people who wonder if the Overlords will always be concerned about the welfare of humanity.