Chapter 18 Summary

Jeffrey Greggson begins to have dreams six weeks after the tsunami. George wakes up in the middle of the night and sees that Jean is not in bed. He finds her in Jeff’s room, saying that she awakened knowing that Jeff needed her. Jeff describes his dreams, which are not terrifying. He sees a place with a blue sun and tall mountains that are not volcanoes but still are on fire with blue flames.

Karellen and Rashaverak discuss Jeff’s dreams, which they have been observing. They think they know what planet he is seeing. They do not dare question Jeff yet, nor will they interfere in any way. Jeff continues having dreams, but he is fine when he is awake. He continues to dream about other places. He is no longer lonely in his dreams, nor is he afraid. It was only on that first night that he had subconsciously called out to his mother. Karellen and Rashaverak begin to have trouble identifying the planets in Jeff’s dreams, but they know he is going further into the center of the galaxy. Soon they see that he has left the galaxy altogether.

George meets with Rashaverak at his own request. They speak of their first meeting at Rupert Boyce’s party. When Rashaverak asks George why he requested this interview, George tells him that he thinks he already knows. Rashaverak agrees, but wants to hear it from George, stating that the Overlords do not know everything. This surprises George, who thought the aliens were almost omniscient. George begins by speaking of Jeff’s visit to the island psychologist. George never believed that these dreams were just the product of a child’s vivid imagination. He knew there was a rational explanation for it. Rashaverak says that it all started at Rupert’s party, when Jean made contact with her yet to be conceived son. George asks the Overlord why he broke his promise that he would no longer use his observational technology to spy on humans. Rashaverak says that they did not break their promise; they were observing George and Jean’s children, not their parents. George is shocked and asks what exactly his children are. Rashaverak replies that this is why the Overlords are trying to discover. George explains that one time his daughter Jennifer Anne was shaking a rattle, but she was not touching it. Rashaverak believes that she will soon know as much as her brother. He explains that the Overlords are able to observe and guide the evolution of human beings because they have reached an endpoint themselves. Their own evolution has ended; therefore, they are serving as midwives to different races throughout the universe. George asks what he should do about his children. Rashaverak tells him to enjoy them while he can.