The Chicago Renaissance Criticism: Overviews And General Studies - Essay

Robert Bone (essay date summer 1986)

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

SOURCE: Bone, Robert. “Richard Wright and the Chicago Renaissance.” Callaloo 9, no. 3 (summer 1986): 446-68.

[In the following essay, Bone provides an introduction to the Chicago School of writers, focusing on the connections between the literary doctrines followed by authors such as Richard Wright and Arna Bontemps on the one hand, and the theories developed by the University of Chicago School of Sociology on the other.]

One of the last visits I had with [Robert] Park was a few years ago when he had dinner in my apartment in Chicago. After dinner Richard Wright was to come by, as Park had expressed an interest in meeting him. … [Park] was old...

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Lawrence R. Rodgers (essay date spring-fall 1996)

(Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism)

SOURCE: Rodgers, Lawrence R. “Richard Wright, Frank Marshall Davis and the Chicago Renaissance.” Langston Hughes Review 14, no. 1-2 (spring-fall 1996): 4-12.

[In the following essay, Rodgers presents a brief overview of the Chicago Renaissance, especially comparing the differences and similarities between its two best-known authors, Richard Wright and Frank Marshall Davis.]

Of the many similarities between Frank Marshall Davis and his more celebrated contemporary Richard Wright, one in particular stands out. Both men were products of the Great Migration, the epic rearrangement of African American culture that saw over six million black southerners leave their homes...

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