Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Maurice Lindey

Maurice Lindey (moh-REES la[n]-DAY), a lieutenant in the Civil Guard of France. He rescues a beautiful, unknown woman from a group of drunken volunteers and falls in love with her before she vanishes into the night. Searching for her, he falls into the hands of a group of loyalists disguised as tanners and learns the identity of his beloved. She is Geneviève Dixmer. Maurice is used by the loyalist tanners to further their plot to rescue Marie Antoinette; finally, along with Geneviève and Louis Lorin, he dies on the scaffold.

Geneviève Dixmer

Geneviève Dixmer (zhahn-VYEHV deeks-MEHR), a beautiful aristocrat and loyalist conspirator loved by Maurice Lindey. Arrested as a suspect in the futile attempts to rescue Marie Antoinette, she dies along with Maurice.

Monsieur Dixmer

Monsieur Dixmer, the husband of Geneviève Dixmer and manager of a tannery business used as a front for loyalist activities. He is killed by Maurice during a quarrel.


Morand (moh-RAH[N]), the chevalier of the Maison Rouge. He is Monsieur Dixmer’s business partner in the tannery, which is used as a cover for Morand’s real identity as the chevalier of the Maison Rouge. He is dedicated to the rescue of Marie Antoinette.

Louis Lorin

Louis Lorin (lwee loh-RA[N]), the faithful friend of Maurice Lindey, with whom he dies on the scaffold as a loyalist suspect.

Héloïse Tison

Héloïse Tison (ay-loh-EEZ tee-ZO[N]), a young girl who is executed for her aid to the loyalist conspirators.


Simon (see-MOH[N]), a shoemaker and the cruel guardian of the Dauphin.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette (mah-REE ah[n]-twah-NEHT), the queen of France.