The Chester Plays The Plays† - Essay

The Plays†

(Literary Criticism (1400-1800))

I. Fall of Luciferthe Tanners

II. Adam and Eve; Cain and Abelthe Drapers

III. Noah's Floodthe Waterleaders and Drawers of Dee

IV. Abraham, Lot, and Melchysedeck; Abraham and Isaacthe Barbers

V. Moses and the Law; Balaak and Balaamthe Cappers

VI. The Annunciation and the Nativitythe Wrights

VII. The Shepherdsthe Painters

VIII. The Three Kingsthe Vintners

IX. The Offerings of the Three Kingsthe Mercers

X. The Slaughter of the Innocentsthe Goldsmiths

XI. The Purification; Christ and the Doctorsthe Blacksmiths

XII. The Tempation; the Woman Taken in Adulterythe Butchers

XIII. The Blind Chelidonian; the Raising of Lazarusthe Glovers

XIV. Christ at the House of Simon the Leper; Christ and the money-lenders; Judas' Plotthe Covisors

XV. The Last Supper; the Betrayal of Christthe Bak ers

XVI. The Trial and Flagellationthe Fletchers, Bow yers, Coopers, and Stringers

XVIa. The Passionthe Ironmongers

XVII. The Harrowing of Hell—the Cooks

XVIII. The Resurrection—the Skinners

XIX. Christ on the Road to Emmaus; Doubting Thomasthe Saddlers

XX. The Ascensionthe Tailors

XXI. Pentecostthe Fishmongers

XXII. The Prophets of Antichristthe Clothworkers

XXIII. Antichrist—the Dyers

XXIV. The Last Judgementthe Websters

†Accompanying each title is the name of the guild that staged the play's performance.