The Cheshire Moon

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Once upon a time a young investigative reporter named Quinn was at the peak of his profession and the envy of mere mortals everywhere.

But, through no fault of his own, beyond the hubris that is customary among the successful, Quinn was brought low. Thus, the former media star concentrates on the innocuous and what passes for mundane among the denizens of Southern California.

Still, although the professional fire in his belly has been smothered in gall, Quinn’s instincts for the jugular are not dead— only on hold. When a hustler friend is tied to the murder of a television executive, Quinn hears the familiar roar of trumpets which once called him forth to right the wrongs of the world. It’s not a calling he welcomes, but what with one thing and another, Quinn finds himself deep in a murder investigation. Fortunately, he does have a companion—the talented and sensuous Jennifer Takamura. If Quinn represents the journalistic past, Takamura is most definitely the cutting edge of that which may emerge.

THE CHESHIRE MOON is a contemporary mystery in that the focus is more on the personalities involved than the puzzle to be unraveled.

That is to say, Ferrigno is more concerned with the style than the substance, the so-called reality as opposed to the morality, the erotic over the romantic. Those willing to settle for caricature in place of characterization and slapstick masquerading as satire will be at home with this work. THE CHESHIRE MOON is a less than suspenseful thriller designed to appeal to those individuals who accept the materialistic philosophy which supports the existence of the Home Shopping Network as the supreme intellectual contribution of the last decade of this century.