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What happens in the chapter Voyage Eight: 1822 of the novel Chesapeake?

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The Voyage Eight: 1822 section focuses on the natural phenomenon that was the annual migration of Canada geese from the Arctic nesting grounds where they spent the summer months to southern areas where they wintered, including a huge part of the flock which would settle every year in the larger Chesapeake Bay area. The hardships of the migration south are described by following one particular pair of adults and their children as they travel to their wintering grounds on a marsh of the Choptank River.

There, they have shelter, access to fields, and plentiful water. Unfortunately, also living in that area are hard-core and very determined goose hunters Lafe Turlock and his sons. The battle of wits between Lafe, attempting to lure the geese within range of his shotgun with every decoy known to hunter, and the geese who are vigilant about educating the youngest geese to the potential dangers of the area, fills the last part of the section.

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