The Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov

The Cherry Orchard book cover
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Lubov Andreyevna Ranevsky (Mme. Ranevsky), a landowner

Anya, her daughter, aged seventeen

Varya (Barbara), her adopted daughter, aged twenty-seven

Leonid Andreyevitch Gaev, Mme. Ranevsky's brother

Ermolai Alexeyevitch Lopakhin, a merchant

Peter Sergeyevitch Trofimov, a student

Boris Borisovitch Simeonov-Pischin, a landowner

Charlotta Ivanovna, a governess

Simeon Panteleyevitch Epikhodov, a clerk

Dunyasha (Avdotya Fedorovna), a maidservant

Fiers, an old footman, aged eighty-seven

Yasha, a young footman

A Tramp

A Station-Master

Post-Office Clerk


A Servant

Setting: The action takes place on Mme. Ranevsky's estate.