What is polythene? What are examples of sports materials made from polythene?

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Polythene or Polyethylene or polyethene is a polymer made of units of ethene or ethylene. Ethene has the molecular formula C2H4 with the two carbon atoms linked together by a double bond as H2C=CH2. When ethene is made into a polymer there are carbon atoms linked to each other with a single bond in long chains; each carbon atom has two hydrogen atoms attached to it.

Polyethene is the most widely used plastic in the World. It has a very long life as the bio-degradation of polyethene takes 250- 300 years.

In the field of sports, polyethene has several uses. Nets used in soccer, basketball, badminton etc. are made of polyethene. The plastic finds extensive use in making protective gear for all sports. Polyethene is also used in making sports clothing, shoes, etc. along with other fabrics.

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