What organic functional groups are present in urethane?

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Urethane is a general description that can pertain to carbamates, ethyl carbamates or polyurethane. It has a general structure of R-O-C(=O)-N-(R or H)

R denotes a sub chains or constituents

The functional groups that are present in urethane are The ester group; R-O-C(=O)-R' and an amine; RN(R' or H)2

An example of urethane is the ethyl carbamate, CH3CH2-O-C(=O)-NH2, that has an ethyl substituent in the ester area and a primary amine. 

**Types of amine

Primary: one R group is attached; RNH2
Secondary: two R groups are attached; RR'NH
Tertiary: three R groups are attached; RR'R''N

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