Can you determine the empirical formulas for the following compounds (showing the work)?

2.  A 6.21 gram sample of a compound contains 4.54 grams of iodine and the rest is cerium.

3.  The compound benzoic acid contains 68.8% carbon, 4.95% hydrogen, and 26.2% oxygen by mass.

4.  Freons are gaseous compounds used in refrigeration.  One particular Freon contains 9.93% carbon, 58.6% chlorine, and 31.4% fluorine by mass.

5.  A germicidal compound is found to be 33% sodium, 36% arsenic, and 31% oxygen.  What is the formula of this compound?  What is this compounds name?

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The compound is made up of iodine and cerium. A 6.21 gram sample of the compound contains 4.54 grams of iodine and 1.67 grams. The molar mass of iodine is 126.9 g/mole and the molar mass of cerium is 140.1 g/mole

1.67 g of cerium is equivalent to 0.012 moles and 4.54 g of iodine is equivalent to 0.036 moles. For each mole of cerium, the compound has 3 moles of iodine.

This gives the empirical formula of the compound as `CeI_3`

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