2H^+ (aq) + BrO2^-(aq) + BrO3^- (aq)--> 2BrO2(aq) +H2O(I)

If this reaction was allowed to reach equilibrium, 

in what direction would the reaction shift if the following changes were made to the equilibrium system.

a)       Some BrO2 is removed.

b)       Half the reaction mixture is poured out.

c)       Some sodium hydroxide is added to neutralize the solution?

Expert Answers

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If we have a system at equilibrium, we can use Le Chatelier's principle to predict which way the reaction will proceed when some stress is placed on the system. Le Chatelier's principle tells us that if a system has some stress applied to the system, it will respond in a way to minimize that stress.

a) If we remove BrO2, we see that this is a product. Therefore the reaction will proceed to the right in order to make more of that product.

b) If we pour out half of everything, then the relative amounts of each component will still be the same, so there will be no effect on the reaction.

c) If sodium hydroxide is added, then it will react with the H+ and reduce it's concentration in solution.  Therefore the reaction will proceed to the left in order to make up for the lost H+

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