Chase Twichell Biography


(Poets and Poetry in America)

Chase Twichell grew up in the midst of the stresses of her parents’ disintegrating marriage. Her father taught Latin at a prestigious boys’ school; her mother raised Twichell and her two sisters while working in a bookstore. The family spent the summers in the Adirondacks, providing Twichell with a sense of connection to the wilderness that has been important to her life both personally and as a writer.

After elementary school in New Haven, Twichell attended an extremely strict boarding school in Maryland. She suffered from attention deficit disorder and consequently did poorly in school, but she managed to discover her calling to poetry while she was there.

Twichell received a bachelor of arts degree from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, in 1973 after studying at a number of other schools, including Wesleyan, where she studied with poet Richard Wilbur and began to publish her own poems and investigate Buddhism. After graduation from Trinity, she attended the Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa, receiving her master of fine arts degree from that institution in 1976. Also while she was at Iowa, Twichell studied graphic design and printing, thus gaining the skills that enabled her to fulfill a childhood ambition to work in printing. After graduation from Iowa, she worked for Pennyroyal Press in Massachusetts, perfecting her ability in the printer’s craft. Her first two books of poems were published during these years....

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