The Chartist Movement and Literature Representative Works - Essay

Representative Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Ben Brierly

Tales and Sketches of Lancashire Life. 5 vols. (stories) 1862-3

John Burland

Poems on Various Subjects (poems) 1865

James Burnley

Looking for the Dawn: A Tale of the West Riding (novel) 1874

Thomas Cooper

The Demagogue: A Comedy in Five Acts (drama) 1841

The Purgatory of Suicides, A Prison Rhyme (poem) 1845

Wise Saws and Modern Instances (stories) 1845

Alderman Ralph, or the History of the Borough and Corporation of Willowacre (novel) 1853

The Family Feud (novel) 1856

Old-fashioned Stories (stories) 1874

Poetical Works (poems) 1886

Benjamin Disraeli

Sybil; or, the Two Nations (novel) 1845

Thomas Doubleday

Political Pilgrim's Progress (novel) 1839

John M. Fothergill

Gaythorne Hall (novel) 1884

Thomas Frost

The Secret (novel) 1850

Elizabeth Gaskell

Mary Barton (novel) 1848

North and South (novel) 1855

M. C. Halifax

After Long Years (novel) 1874

Ernest Jones

"A Factory Town" (poem) 1847

"The Funeral of the Year and Its Epitaph" (poem) 1848

De Brassier: A Democratic Romance (novel) 1851-2

The Lass and the Lady; or, Love's Ladder [completed by Thomas Frost] (novel) 1853-5

The Maid of Warsaw, or the Tyrant Czar; A Tale of the Last Polish Insurrection (novel) 1854

Women's Wrongs: A Series of Tales (stories) 1855

William Jones

Poems, Descriptive, Progressive, and Humourous (poems) 1853

Charles Kingsley

Alton Locke, Tailor and Poet. An Autobiography (novel) 1850

W. J. Linton

"Hymns to the Unenfranchised" (poems) 1839

Records of the World's Justice (sketches) 1839

Harriet Martineau

The Rioters, a Tale (novel) 1842

Gerald Massey

Voices of Freedom and Lyrics of Love (poems) 1851

Poems and Ballads (poems) 1854

Poetical Works (poems) 1861

Henry Solly

James Woodford, Carpenter and Chartist (novel) 1881

John Watkins

What are your Politics? or, Judge for Yourself (drama) 1840

*John Frost: A Chartist Play in Five Acts (drama) 1841

Thomas Martin Wheeler

Sunshine and Shadow: A Tale of the Nineteenth Century (novel) 1849-50

*This play was published in a second edition in 1842 as John Frost, a Political Drama in Five Acts.