The Chartist Movement and Literature Chartist Fiction And Poetry - Essay

Chartist Fiction And Poetry

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)


SOURCE: "The Chartists and Their Laureate," in English Review, vol. XVI, No. XXXI, October, 1851, pp. 55-86.

[In the following essay, the critic expounds upon the dangers posed to the British monarchy by democratic thinkers such as Lord John Russell, "the reforming Prime Minister," and Ernest Jones, "the chartist laureate."]

CHARTISM? IS not chartism defunct? may many a reader cry. Where are the noisy meetings of two years ago? Where is the loud parade of forces physical and moral? Where are the million pikes with which we were then threatened? Where is the O'Connell of that formidable movement—the redoubtable Fergus...

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