"Where Have You Gone Charming Billy?"

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Where Have You Gone Charming Billy: Discussion Group

  • Describe the SETTING of the story. a. Does the setting of the story act as an antagonist? Why or why not?
  • What is the atmosphere or mood of the story? a. How does the setting help establish the atmosphere/mood? b. Does this atmosphere/mood change when the narrator is describing Iowa as opposed to Vietnam? Why or why not?
  • Describe the author’s TONE by answering the following questions a. How does Tim O’Brien seem to feel about his subject and/orcharacters? b. How do we know this? c. Which of the following would best describe the author’s TONE of the story? Be ready to back up your answer. i. Courageous ii. Reverent iii. Intolerant
  • Write one sentence describing a theme in this story. Again, be sure you can back up your answer.

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This is a set of discussion questions I give to my 10th graders to work in small (2 - 3 students) groups.