Charlotte's Web

by E. B. White

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Why was Charlotte hesitant to go to the fair with Wilbur in Charlotte's Web?

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Charlotte is hesitant about going to the fair with Wilbur in Charlotte's Web because it comes at a bad time for her. She'll find it inconvenient to leave home, even for a few days. She'd much rather stay at home in her web, laying eggs.

Expert Answers

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Mr. Zuckerman has made the decision to take Wilbur the pig to the County Fair on September 6. He wants his prize porker to be transported to the event in a crate that is painted green and adorned with gold letters saying “Zuckerman's Famous Pig.”

There's a lot riding on the fair for Wilbur. If he can win Mr. Zuckerman some prize money, then maybe, just maybe, he'll be allowed to live instead of being slaughtered. Wilbur is understandably nervous and wants his good friend Charlotte the spider to come along with him for moral support.

Unfortunately, Charlotte is somewhat hesitant about accompanying Wilbur to the Fair. As she tells him, it comes at a bad time for her. It will be inconvenient for her to leave home, even if it's only for a few days. On the whole, it's better that she stays at home in her web and see if she can get some work done.

In response to Wilbur's question about what kind of work she's talking about, Charlotte mentions egg-laying. It's time for her to make an egg sac and fill it with eggs. Wilbur suggests that perhaps Charlotte can lay her eggs at the Fair. Still, Charlotte's not convinced. However, she does meet Wilbur halfway by promising to come to the fair if she possibly can.

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