Charlotte's Web

by E. B. White

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In Charlotte's Web, what did Mrs. Arable suggest Fern do when Mr. Arable wanted to sell Wilbur?

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Wilbur is sold to Uncle Homer Zuckerman, Fern's uncle. He is taken out of the Arables' house and placed in his new home, a manure pile in the cellar of another barn.

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Mrs. Arable suggests calling Homer Zuckerman to see if Wilbur can live on his farm.

Fern is clearly upset at the idea of losing Wilbur. She raised him from when he was a piglet and doesn't want to see him sold somewhere where she can't see him anymore. When her father points out that he's five weeks old and needs to go, Fern weeps. The Zuckermans are related to the Arables; Homer is Fern's uncle. Mrs. Arable tells Fern that if Wilbur goes to live there, she'll be able to walk to the farm and see him as often as she wants.

Since Wilbur is a runt, Mr. Arable offers Wilbur to Homer for $6. Homer accepts the offer and Wilbur goes to live with the Zuckerman family.

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When Mr. Arable wanted to sell Wilbur, what did Mrs. Arable suggest Fern do?

A reader should look in chapter two for the answer to this question. Fern has done an admirable job of caring for Wilbur and helping him become a bigger, healthier pig. Once Wilbur is five weeks old, Mr. Arable states that Wilbur is big enough to be sold and needs to be gone. Fern breaks down and cries, but her father does not budge on the decision. He has already sold all 10 of Wilbur's brothers and sisters, and he is not willing to continue providing food for a hungry pig.

Mrs. Arable suggests to Fern that Uncle Homer might be willing to buy and raise Wilbur. Uncle Homer has a farm down the road, and he occasionally raises pigs. If Uncle Homer agrees to buy and raise Wilbur, then the Arable family will be relieved of the burden, and Fern will be able to visit Wilbur easily and frequently. Uncle Homer agrees to buy Wilbur for six dollars.

When he heard that the price was only six dollars, he said he would buy the pig. Next day Wilbur was taken from his home under the apple tree and went to live in a manure pile in the cellar of Zuckerman's barn.

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