Charlotte's Web

by E. B. White

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Student Question

In "Charlotte's Web," how much did Mr. Zuckerman pay for Wilbur?

Expert Answers

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Mr. Zuckerman pays six dollars for Wilbur. Fern desperately wants to keep the little pig close by and begs her father to sell the pig to her Uncle Homer, who lives down the road.

"Your Uncle Homer sometimes raises a pig. And if Wilbur goes live there, you can walk down the road and visit him as often as you like."

"How much money should I ask for him?" Fern wanted to know.

"Well," said her father, "He's a runt. Tell your Uncle Homer you've got a pig you'llsell for six dollars and see what he says."

It was soon arranged....When he heard that the price was only six dollars, he said he would buy the pig.

This information is on the final page of Chapter 2, "Wilbur."

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