Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

Derry: A Tale of Revolution in 1688 [also published as The Siege of Derry; or, Sufferings of the Protestants: A Tale of the Revolution] (novel and religious tract) 1824

Rachel. A Tale [also published as The Flower of Innocence; or, Rachel. A True Narrative: With Other Tales] (juvenilia) 1826

The Simple Flower (juvenilia) 1826

The Rockite, An Irish Story (religious tract) 1829

Tales and Illustrations. 2 vols. (juvenilia) 1830

Works. 2 vols. (short stories, essays, juvenilia, prose) 1830; enlarged and reprinted as The Works of Charlotte Elizabeth. 3 vols. 1844-45

Combination (novel) 1832

The Museum [also published as Pleasure and Profit: or Time Well Spent and Glimpses of the Past] (juvenilia) 1832

The Happy Mute; or, the Dumb Child's Appeal [also published as Happy Mute] (juvenilia) 1833

Chapters on Flowers [also published as Floral Biography; or Chapters on Flowers] (nonfiction) 1836; enlarged and reprinted as The Flower Garden; or Chapters on Flowers 1840

The English Martyrology [edited and abridged by Tonna]. 2 vols. (nonfiction) 1837

Letters from Ireland, MDCCCXXXVII (travel essay) 1838

Conformity (religious tract) 1841

Falsehood and Truth (religious tract) 1841

Helen Fleetwood: A Tale of the Factories (novel) 1841

Personal Recollections (autobiography) 1841; enlarged and reprinted as Life of Charlotte Elizabeth, as Contained in her Personal Recollections and Personal Recollections, with Explanatory Notes 1848

The Protestant Annual [editor and contributor] (periodical) 1841-46

The Protestant Magazine [editor and contributor] (periodical) 1841-45

The Christian Lady's Magazine [editor and contributor] (periodical) 1843-46

Judah's Lion (juvenilia) 1843

The Perils of the Nation: An Appeal to the Legislature, the Clergy, and the Higher and Middle Classes (nonfiction) 1843

*The Wrongs of Woman [also published as The Wrongs of Women]. 2 vols. (novel) 1843-44

Kindness to Animals [also published as Kindness to Animals; or, The Sin of Cruelty Exposed and Rebuked] (juvenilia) 1844

*Published as four novelettes in the Christian Lady's Magazine: “Milliners and Dressmakers,” “The Forsaken Home,” “The Little Pin Headers,” and “The Lace Runners”