"Brazil, Where The Nuts Come From"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Brandon Thomas, British dramatist, is best remembered today for his comedy "Charley's Aunt;" it was tremendously popular and its initial run lasted four years. It is still frequently revived, and over the past three-quarters of a century has moved millions to tears of laughter. Jack Chesney and Charles Wykeham, undergraduates at Oxford, are both in love–Jack with Kitty Verdun and Charles with Amy Spettigue. Neither has found himself able to declare the fact. Charley's aunt, Donna Lucia d'Alvadorez, is coming to pay him a visit. She is from Brazil, is wealthy and is a widow; but Charley has never seen her and knows nothing about her beyond these basic facts. Jack's father drops by to leave his son an allowance check, and while there informs Jack that their fortune is in difficulties; Jack tells him about the impending visit of Charley's aunt and suggests that his father try to win her hand. The boys invite Kitty and Amy to their lodgings for luncheon, since all will be chaperoned by the aunt–but a message arrives from that lady, saying she will be delayed. Jack and Charley are determined to have their luncheon anyway, but must not compromise the girls. A solution to this dilemma occurs in the form of a fellow undergraduate, Lord Fancourt Babberley, who is to impersonate an old lady in some amateur theatricals. The boys force him into his costume and pass him off as Charley's aunt. Kitty and Amy make a great fuss over him when they arrive, to his obvious delight. Presently Amy's uncle appears, bent on breaking up the party; Lord Fancourt scolds him and sends him on his way, unaware that both Spettigue and Jack's father will be competing for Charley's Aunt's vast fortune and her hand in marriage. As Spettigue leaves, Lord Fancourt shies a book at him and knocks off his hat. Spettigue exits, muttering to himself. As soon as he is gone, Jack and Charley and the two girls come back into the room.

It was sweet of you!
You darling!
[One on each side of LORD FANCOURT, they kiss him.]
Look at him, Jack!
I'll punch his head if he does it again!
Here's my father!
Donna Lucia!
[Aside.] Take care, here's my father.
Look here, am I any relation to him?
No; You're Charley's Aunt, from Brazil.
Brazil! Where's that?
You know–er–where the nuts come from.