Other literary forms

(British and Irish Poetry, Revised Edition)

Charles Tomlinson has published much work of translation, including Versions from Fyodor Tyutchev, 1803-1873 (1960, with Henry Gifford), Translations (1983), and Selected Poems (1993; of Attilio Bertolucci’s poetry). Among Tomlinson’s many essays of commentary and criticism, the most significant are found in The Poem as Initiation (1967), Some Americans: A Personal Record (1981), Poetry and Metamorphosis (1983), and American Essays: Making It New (2001). As an editor, Tomlinson has introduced British readers to the work of poets previously little known in England. His editions include Marianne Moore: A Collection of Critical Essays (1969), William Carlos Williams: A Critical Anthology (1972), Selected Poems (1976, 1985; of William Carlos Williams’s poetry), Selected Poems (1979; of Octavio Paz’s poetry), and Poems of George Oppen, 1908-1984 (1990). Tomlinson has also edited volumes of translations, The Oxford Book of Verse in English Translation (1980) and Eros English’d: Classical Erotic Poetry in Translation from Golding to Hardy (1992). Finally, Tomlinson has collaborated with other poets in writing experimental poetic sequences: the multilingual Renga (1971; with Octavio Paz, Jacques Roubaud, and Edoardo Sanguineti) and the bilingual Airborn = Hijos del Aire (1981; with Paz).