Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)
ph_0111207098-Maturin.jpg Charles Robert Maturin Published by Salem Press, Inc.

In addition to his novels, Charles Robert Maturin (MAT-choo-rihn) also wrote plays, three of which were performed and published during his lifetime: Bertram: Or, The Castle of St. Aldobrand, a Tragedy (pr., pb. 1816), Manuel (pr., pb. 1817), and Fredolfo (pr., pb. 1819). A fourth, Osmyn, the Renegade: Or, The Siege of Salerno, a Tragedy, written sometime between 1817 and 1821, was produced in Dublin in 1830. It was never published in its entirety; excerpts were printed in The Edinburgh Literary Journal (April 24, 1830). Of these plays, only Bertram was financially successful. When it first appeared, it was one of the most talked about plays of the season, and today it is noted for being one of the first dramatic portrayals of the brooding, sinned against, and sinning figure who has come to be called the Byronic hero.

Two short fictional pieces were published posthumously: “Leixlip Castle: An Irish Family Legend” appeared in The Literary Souvenir: Or, Cabinet of Poetry and Romance of 1825, and “The Sybil’s Prophecy: A Dramatic Fragment” was printed in the 1826 edition of the same publication. Both these pieces are in the gothic style.