Other Literary Forms

(Literary Essentials: Great Poems of the World)

Most of Charles-Pierre Péguy’s prose falls into the category of journalism. His articles, which first appeared in La Revue socialiste (1897) and La Revue blanche (1899), are currently available in Notes politiques et sociales (1957). Other prose works by Péguy have been collected in Œuvres en prose I, 1898-1908 (1959) and Œuvres en prose II, 1909-1941 (1961), both edited by Marcel Péguy. Gallimard has also published the Œuvres complètes (1917-1955) in twenty volumes, including Deuxième Élégie XXX, L’Esprit de système, Un Poète m’a dit, Par ce demi-clair matin, Situations, and La Thèse, all posthumous publications or fragments. Les Œuvres posthumes de Charles Péguy (1969) was edited by Jacques Viard.

Very few of these works have been translated into English in their entirety. Selections from Péguy’s prose are available in Basic Verities: Prose and Poetry (1943), Men and Saints: Prose and Poetry (1944), and God Speaks: Religious Poetry. In Temporal and Eternal (1958), translated by Alexander Dru, there are selections from Notre Jeunesse (1910; our youth), Clio (1917, 1955), and Deuxième Élégie XXX. Péguy’s correspondence is published in Lettres à André Bourgeois (1950). Marcel Péguy has edited a volume of selected correspondence titled Lettres et entretiens (1927).