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Charles O’Malley

Charles O’Malley, an Irish dragoon. He is a big man, an excellent shot and horseman. He goes to Dublin to study law but indulges in too many escapades. He then enters the army as an ensign, serving gallantly in the war against Napoleon in Spain. He returns to Ireland to look after his estates after the death of his uncle, but he returns to war when Napoleon escapes from Elba. He wins the hand of Lucy Dashwood by rescuing her father from execution by the French.

Lucy Dashwood

Lucy Dashwood, daughter of General Dashwood, an English girl. She marries Charles after he saves her father from execution.

General Dashwood

General Dashwood, an Englishman. When he tries to buy estates in Ireland, he is challenged to a duel by Charles’ Uncle Godfrey and Billy Considine. When the general is captured by the French and condemned to death, he is rescued by Charles.

Godfrey O’Malley

Godfrey O’Malley, Charles’s uncle, master of O’Malley Castle in Galway. He is a hard-drinking, hard-riding man who is good to his tenants and to his nephew.


Blake, a distant cousin of Godfrey who refuses to support him when he stands for Parliament. Charles first meets Lucy at Blake’s home.

Billy Considine

Billy Considine, Charles’s good friend, who acts as his second in a duel.

Captain Hammersley

Captain Hammersley, General Dashwood’s aide and Charles’s rival for the hand of Lucy.

St. Croix

St. Croix, a French officer befriended by Charles in Spain. Later, he helps Charles rescue General Dashwood from the French.

Donna Inez

Donna Inez, a Spanish girl who becomes a friend of Charles after he rescues her.

Captain Powers

Captain Powers, who prevents a duel between Charles and Hammersley. He marries Donna Inez.

Frank Webber

Frank Webber, Charles’ roommate at college in Dublin and the ringleader in their escapades.

Michael Free

Michael Free, Charles’s faithful servant.