Charles M(onroe) Schulz

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Robert G. Miner, Jr.

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Without even venturing into the possibilities [the "Snoopy Come Home" Movie Book] suggests—among them the cliché that this is a post-literary generation—I can't help feeling that the "Movie Book" may herald a new trend. Instead of the book-to-movie progression of the past decades, TV, ironically enough, may have made the moving picture commonplace for today's children and the moving word intriguingly new. Schultz's book is graced with the laconic humor and pointed jabs of pure feeling that already have made Peanuts a staple for adults of all ages. The book also offers some startling double-page illustrations that share, in their unconventional focus and perspective, some of the unnerving aptness of perception about small people's relationship to the full-size world that marks the work of all great writers of children's literature. (pp. 219-20)

Robert G. Miner, Jr., in Children's Literature: Annual of The Modern Language Association Seminar on Children's Literature and The Children's Literature Association, Vol. 2, edited by Francelia Butler (© 1972 by Francelia Butler; all rights reserved). Temple University Press, 1973.

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