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Joyce Swartney

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[Charlie Brown's Second Super Book of Questions and Answers: About the Earth and Space … From Plants to Planets!] will answer questions such as where do the stars go in the daytime and what is a tornado. The answers are written in a manner understandable to children and adults. Frequently the questions are interspersed with color-coded squares containing interesting facts…. Some of the illustrations appear to be copies of daily "Peanuts" comic strips, while others seem to have been prepared for this publication. They are chosen with care and often support the text as well as amuse the reader. The content is accurate and instructional, but the sections on Earth, weather and climate, and on the stars and planets are more interesting than those on plants and on space travel. This book is appropriate for a wide range of readers, including parents of inquisitive children. (p. 110)

Joyce Swartney, in Science Books & Films (copyright 1978 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science), Vol. XIV, No. 2 (September, 1978).

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