Charles M(onroe) Schulz Arthur Asa Berger - Essay

Arthur Asa Berger

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

Charles Schulz, the creator of Peanuts, is a rather shy person who personifies the American Dream. (p. 181)

Peanuts is now so ubiquitous that it is literally part of the fabric of modern American society, and Schulz is the spokesman for millions of mute Americans. (p. 182)

Because the comic strip does not have much status as an art form, and because the characters in Peanuts are little children and a dog, we tend to underestimate Schulz's achievement, even though almost everybody admires his work. I believe that Schulz is one of the greatest humorists of the twentieth century…. [He] has developed a distinctive style of art work, an incredible assortment...

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