Charles Kuralt’s America

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

In 1994, Charles Kuralt retired from CBS News after more than thirty years of exemplary service. Over the years, Kuralt had become one of television’s most beloved figures. In addition to the stories about small-town America on CBS, Kuralt has been able to capture his easygoing style in the books he has written about his travels across America, including ON THE ROAD WITH CHARLES KURALT (1985) and A LIFE ON THE ROAD (1990). In most of his various sojourns into America, Kuralt always makes it evident of his love for the land and the everyday people who work hard and play hard in the thousands of small towns and the distinct neighborhoods that inhabit large cities across this vast country. Kuralt wears his compassion for and curiosity of America on his sleeve. In CHARLES KURALT’S AMERICA, he once again has traveled across the country in order to celebrate the landscape and its various inhabitants.

Kuralt took a year to visit some of his most favorite places for this book. Each of the twelve chapters of CHARLES KURALT’S AMERICA is devoted to one locale. In January, Kuralt visited New Orleans. Since he went there before the craziness of Mardi Gras would grip the city, he was able to enjoy the people and the food of New Orleans at a more leisurely pace. For the month of February, Kuralt ventured off to Key West. While there, he found calm in both the sea and the friendly residents. During each of the remaining months of the year, Kuralt made a point to visit places that were close to his heart, including Charleston, South Carolina; Alaska’s panhandle; Boothbay Harbor, Maine: Twin Bridges, Montana; and his favorite sections of Manhattan. In CHARLES KURALT’S AMERICA, Kuralt revels in the everyday lives of American citizens who make the most of their lives in the special places where they live.