Charles Fourier Further Reading - Essay

Jonathan Beecher

Further Reading

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)


Pellarin, C. The Life of Charles Fourier. Translated by Francis George Shaw. W. H. Graham, 1848, 236 p.

Comprehensive biography of Fourier from which numerous biographical sketches were drawn by Fourier's disciples in the mid-nineteenth century.


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Provides a brief examination of Fourier's and Saint-Simon's feminist philosophy, arguing that both schools of thought were reactions to the failure of liberalism to correct the injustices of industrial capitalism.

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Examines several American experiments in community living, including Brook Farm, Hopedale, and Fruitlands, and discusses the influence of Fourier's writings on the development of these communities.

Beecher, Jonathan, and Bienvenu, Richard. An introduction to The Utopian Vision of Charles Fourier, by Charles Fourier, edited and translated by Jonathan Beecher and Richard Bienvenu. Boston: Beacon Press, 1971, 427 p.

Offers an overview of Fourier's life and thought.

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Compares the Utopian philosophies of William Godwin, Fourier, and Robert Owen.

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Presents Fourier's evaluation of the French Revolution and its political aftermath as a bitter and disappointed assessment.

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Offers a view of Fourierism as grounds for the development of new ideas regarding social structure.

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Offers a biographical account of Fourier's life in addition to an analysis of his philosophy.

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Analysis of the social aspects of Fourier's ideology and an evaluation of his literary significance.