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(Survey of Novels and Novellas)
ph_0111207064-Brown_C.jpg Charles Brockden Brown Published by Salem Press, Inc.

Charles Brockden Brown published two parts of a dialogue on the rights of women, Alcuin: A Dialogue, in 1798; the last two sections appeared in William Dunlap’s 1815 biography of Brown. Many of Brown’s essays on literature have been collected in Literary Essays and Reviews (1992), edited by Alfred Weber and Wolfgang Schäfer. His later political and historical essays, originally published in magazines and as pamphlets, have not been collected. Several of Brown’s fictional fragments appear in Carwin, the Biloquist, and Other American Tales and Pieces (1822) and in the Dunlap biography, notably the Carwin story and “Memoirs of Stephen Calvert.” Several collected editions of Brown’s novels were published in the nineteenth century. Harry Warfel’s edition of The Rhapsodist, and Other Uncollected Writings (1943) completes the publication of most of Brown’s literary works. Some of Brown’s letters have appeared in scattered books and essays, but no collection of letters has yet been published.