Other literary forms

(Poets and Poetry in America)

Charles Bernstein has written collections of essays, including Artifice of Absorption (1987), Content’s Dream: Essays, 1975-1984 (1986), and A Poetics (1992). In Content’s Dream, Bernstein examines the difference and connection between poetry and prose and also argues against the current critical establishment and its institutionalized encouragement of homogenized mainstream poetry. A Poetics looks at poetics, philosophy, and the social aspects of text. Bernstein also published A Conversation with David Antin (2002) and My Way: Speeches and Poems (1999). Bernstein has written the libretti for operas, and he translated Red, Green, and Black (1990) by Olivier Cadiot and The Maternal Drape (1984) by Claude Royet-Journoud. Bernstein’s poetry has appeared in several editions of The Best American Poetry series. His work has also regularly appeared in Harper’s Magazine, Poetry magazine, and Critical Inquiry.