Charles Baudelaire World Literature Analysis - Essay

Charles Baudelaire World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

In terms of the evolution of literary style, Baudelaire was very much a man of his time, but his time was one of transition. The Romantic poets of the generation before him had taken the essential first steps to free poetic expression from neoclassical constraints. Victor Hugo declared in his 1829 preface to Les Orientales (1829; Les Orientales: Or, Eastern Lyrics, 1879) that “the poet is free.” Hugo linked poetic expression to political liberty, a public dimension of the poet’s role that Baudelaire would not follow, but he also adopted the varied poetic forms and wide range of nature images that would provide Baudelaire with the building blocks of his own style. Later, Symbolist poets such as Stéphane...

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