by Thomas Mofolo

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Last Updated September 5, 2023.

Chaka is a Zulu king and a powerful warrior. During his childhood, Chaka and his mother were banished from his home by his father's other wives. Despite this mistreatment, he strives to protect the tribe by neutralizing all threats. As an adult, Chaka grants control of his soul to a witch doctor in exchange for the power and success he was denied as a child. Chaka develops a lust for blood, and his continued success requires a medicine made from the blood of loved ones. Chaka conquers much territory and becomes king, but he murders his mother, wife, and son in order to achieve his goals.

Senzangakhona is the tribal king who falls into the tribe's disfavor after conceiving Chaka out of wedlock. This makes Chaka an unviable heir, and his father is forced to banish him and his mother.

Nandi is Chaka's mother who, despite her life-long devotion to him, is murdered for her blood.

Dingiswayo is a king of a neighboring tribe who houses Chaka and Nandi after they are banished. When he dies, Chaka fills his role as king.

Noliwa is Dingiswayo's daughter and Chaka's favorite wife who, too, is murdered.

Zwide is the king of an enemy tribe who is killed by Chaka. Chaka becomes king of Zwide's tribe as well.

Isanusi is the witch doctor who controls Chaka and causes his bloodlust. He is immensely powerful, seeming to influence life and death with his evil ways.

Ndlebe and Malunga are Isanusi's assistants who follow Chaka to ensure he obeys the deal.

Nongogo is Chaka's servant who he kills as well.

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