Where do the Locktons live in "Chains"?

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The Lockton family lives in Manhattan, New York. They live on Wall Street and about a mile to the south of a tea water pump. Their house was cream-colored, made of stone, and comprised of five stories—a cellar and four additional stories above the ground. Isabel thinks that it's twice as long as it is wide. It has a small garden, a carriage house, a small stable, a privy, and a cistern.

According to the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum site, the tea water pump was a freshwater spring. One was discovered between Baxter Street and Mulberry Street in Manhattan, but there was another on Chatham Street and another near the intersection of Tenth Avenue and Fourteenth Street. The water tasted better than water from other wells and was used for making tea. Isabel walks back from one of these sites with water and sees the Lockton house when she arrives. Chances are she's returning from the Mulberry or Chatham locations, because the intersection of Tenth and Fourteenth is significantly farther from Wall Street.

Isabel is told not to go north of Chambers Street or past Mulberry without a pass because people might think she's trying to run away.

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I am not entirely sure how specific you would like the answer to be, so I will start broad and work my way toward a very specific location.  

The Locktons live in the state of New York.  

The city that they live in is New York.  More specifically than that, the Lockton's New York home is in Manhattan.  

The Locktons are wealthy Loyalists, so they live toward the south side of Manhattan.  Readers are told at the start of chapter seven that the Lockton house is located about a mile south of the Tea Water Pump.  

At the end of chapter five, Curzon provides the exact location of the Lockton house.  The house is on the south side of Wall Street just past Smith.  Curzon says that it's one of the proudest houses in the city, and Isabel is shocked to see that it is five stories tall.  

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