What if New York remained loyal to England in the story "Chains"?

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New York City was a vital, military location during the revolutionary war.  It is a defensible location, it has ample space to house troops, it has land access, and it has a harbor for water access.  In addition to being a strategic location, it would be demoralizing to the Patriots if New York stayed in British control.  It's pure conjecture, but it's possible that the Patriots might never have won the war if New York had remained under British control.  

Perhaps the question is asking about what specifically might happen to characters within the novel Chains if New York remains under Loyalist control.  If New York stays under British control, then the Loyalists can safely remain in the city.  That means the Locktons can continue to live in the city and covertly work to undermine the Patriot army.  Isabel does manage to escape from the Locktons, but as long as the Locktons are able to stay in New York, she knows that her chances of freedom are very low.  Isabel can continue to spy on the Loyalists, but her risks go up the longer that she does that.  

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