Can you analyze chapter 14 of Chains?

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Chapter 14 is not an action-packed chapter; however, it is an incredibly important chapter in terms of the story's overall conflicts. The chapter begins with letting readers know that Master Lockton is hosting some very important guests. The mayor of New York is one of those guests. Lockton and the other men have retreated to a private room, and Madam Lockton is not thrilled about being left out. In an attempt to get into the room, Madam Lockton has Isabel bring in refreshments. Isabel is allowed to stay, and Madam Lockton is ushered out. Isabel overhears that Lockton's earlier plans did not go so well and that the new plan is to try to assassinate George Washington.

This chapter is important for Isabel and readers because it proves to Isabel that Curzon was right. The Locktons, like many other white people, do not consider black slaves like Isabel as anything other than another object in the room. The men never once question that Isabel can hear them and/or understand them. The thought that Isabel might be a spy for the Patriot cause is completely absent from their minds. Until this moment, Isabel didn't quite believe that black slaves could be thought of in such a way. She has known hatred. She has known good masters, but this chapter shows Isabel that she simply doesn't exist to certain people.

The chapter also escalates the conflict between the Loyalists and the Patriots. Readers see that Lockton's people are willing to go to any extreme for their cause. Finally, the chapter also serves as a catalyst for Isabel to get involved. She knows that she and Ruth have to somehow get out of New York, and Isabel believes that her new inside information is the leverage that she needs to obtain their freedom.

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